Verified Event

What is verified Event?

We are an organization powered by the International Standards Est. (ISE) and the (ISCNsystem). We work as an integrated team to organize, archive and document events at the global level to ensure their feasibility, credibility, and documentation in collaboration with ISCNsystem. The world is now very interested in events such as conferences, forums, exhibitions, workshops and training courses. According to the International Professionals Meeting, as published on thebalance website, more than 122 billion dollars is spent annually on Events in the United States. According to reports visitduduai website, more than 60% of ticket sales are sold for events in Dubai. Due to the steady increase in the number of events, it is important to document them internationally and give them a global reference to be more reliable and credible as these activities have become large and huge census. Events are documented with an (Event ID) so that anyone from anywhere and at any time can verify the event by verifying the international code (Event ID) of the event. An international reference code (ISCN) is also given to all documents and certificates issued by the event (attendance certificate, training certificate, workshop, financial receipts and so on)...

Every day new Event come out from everywhere in the world, so we will make you sure from the accuracy of the event you want to attend, in an electronic system based on the best standards. We
store any events Information in an Electronic Event Management System that records key information, decisions, and actions that you would take.
Let us help you to get expert advice, Keep your organization safe, and improve your password policies.
Our system collects relevant data from multiple sources, to identify events from the base and take appropriate action.
Information is stored and connected in automated learning aids to identify anomalies more accurately, and analysts must provide feedback and educate the system constantly.