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We are an organization powered by the International Standards Est. (ISE) and the (ISCNsystem). We work as an integrated team to organize, archive and document events at the global level to ensure their feasibility, credibility, and documentation in collaboration with ISCNsystem. The world is now very interested in events such as conferences, forums, exhibitions, workshops and training courses. According to the International Professionals Meeting, as published on thebalance website, more than 122 billion dollars is spent annually on Events in the United States. According to reports visitduduai website, more than 60% of ticket sales are sold for events in Dubai. Due to the steady increase in the number of events, it is important to document them internationally and give them a global reference to be more reliable and credible as these activities have become large and huge census. Events are documented with an (Event ID) so that anyone from anywhere and at any time can verify the event by verifying the international code (Event ID) of the event. An international reference code (ISCN) is also given to all documents and certificates issued by the event (attendance certificate, training certificate, workshop, financial receipts and so on)...

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International Documentation System For

Events Documentation.

  • A unique international system that works in conjunction with the ISCNsystem and powered by ISE.
  • It allows you to document the event by giving it an international code (Event ID) that allows you to access your online portal.
  • This portal enables you to document and protect all of the event output Such as recommendations, worksheets, attendance certificates, etc.
  • So that you can protect them from fraud and loss.
  • Do not worry about losing the documents and the other outputs of the event. All you have to do is prove your legitimacy and get an online portal that allows you to document all the event with all its outputs and ensure its reliability, referential, easy retrieval and protection for life.
  • Events bring people together in a new way and develop personal relationships that cannot exist within the organization's environment.
  • Events are effective in achieving the desired result of planners, so you can one from this circle.
  • Sites, dates, and times will be listed on the website in advance, so you can check.

All Of these Features provided by our

online portal

  • Add the international reference to your event
  • Add strength, credibility, and protection to all event outputs by documenting and protecting them against fraud, damage or loss.
  • Obtain the proprietorship of the certificate, shield, or any other material issued by your event.
  • The portal makes you part of the Global system to prove that you are reliable and have been verified by adjuster specialist third party.
  • Archive all event outputs (documents, certificates, recommendations and other materials) and Make them connected electronically.
  • Fast and easy retrieval of event outputs and ease of passing.
  • Intellectual Property protection and copyrights for all event outputs.
  • Ensure continuity of life-long documentation
  • Spreading an environment of reliability and safety for organizers, sponsors, and participants.

About Us

International Event Code

Is an international event identifier code (Event ID) issued by the (ISCNsystem) after verifying all event data and its feasibility to ensure that no fraud and forgery can be made. Anyone can verify the authenticity and legitimacy of the event by entering this code on the system (www.iscnsystem.org) or reading the QR code to seeing all event data.

Add your event to the global calendar

The site inserts the Event ID into the database so that everyone can find out about the events, their times, topics and all the details through the website, and ensure that the Event ID is kept in full detail for life on our databases so that anyone can see past or future events.

Electronic Documentation and Archiving Portal:

After obtaining the Event ID, you can access your own portal and include all your event outputs such as certificates, invoices, shields, gifts, recommendations or any document related to the event, and then give them an international reference to prove their authenticity, free from forgery and ensure no loss or damage.

Electronic Connectivity:

Each event output (document or other material) takes an international reference code (ISCN) and the Event ID is part of this code to ensure that the event is linked to all its outputs. Each output is also associated with the ID number of the code holder and his E-mail to retrieve all his codes by ID Number without resorting to saving its own codes.




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